Madame Kyoumi's Hotel

One of the Redlight's only independant brothels, Madame Kyoumi's Hotel is part hostess club part brothel. It employs sex workers of asian-descent of all genders and provides sex in the form of escorts or rentable rooms on site. There are always a few salarymen to be found scattered on the comfortable red sofas in the main room, enjoying the company of the ladies and gentlemen of the club. The establishment leans heavily into the Japanese decor, enough to perhaps offend actual Japanese people, even boasting a (fake) sakura tree sticking out of one of the wall, but the gimmick works on Westerners.

The owner Madame Kyoumi, a thin, smartly dressed middle-aged Japanese woman, works as a Fixer for corporate clients, acting as a middle-woman between corporate contractors and street-level edgerunners. She is known to have many friends in the corporate sphere, so staying in her good graces is important to make the big bucks. Private meetings between clients and edgerunners are often organized in the many private and lavishly furnished rooms in the back of the establishment.

Madame Kyoumi's can also provide sex workers of every gender and of every sexual orientation. Sake shots are offered to clients before they are taken upstairs. 60 eb./hour for services at the Hotel, 100 eb/hour for outcalls.