ÉTS Militech

The École de Technologie Supérieure Militech (ÉTS Militech) is a private university engineering university owned by Militech. Over 8 000 students are signed up here.
Militech purchased and privatized the university in 2014 as Montréal went bankrupt. Now a private university, students who wish to study at ÉTS Militech have to sign a lifelong non-competition contract with Militech. This allows Militech to employ students after the end of their studies for a period of at least 10 years (this varies based on how much the student can finance their studies.) Failing to uphold this contract is... unwise.

Sadly, engineering jobs are not always available, but Militech can boast of a 100% post-graduation employment rate! If office jobs in Washington happen to be unavailable, there is always work to be done in the mines in India or China.