The Calaveras is a three-floor "Dia de Muertos" themed nightclub in the Griffintown Complex. The industrial styled walls are covered in fluorescent paintings of sugar skulls and cempasuchils flowers. The main attraction is the Arena on the first floor, where gang members or upstart punk settle scores. These violent combats are rarely planned ahead of time: two angry people show up to fight and they can usually settle their score in the next few minutes. Seated spots are 5$, and a bookie keeps track of the bets.

The Calaveras attracts a wide variety of boosters, chromers and edgy civillians. Some of the best EDM DJs come to play sets there, so it is constantly packed, with the crowd only thinning at 5 in the morning on most nights. Fights are a constant, as big egos and gang rivalries often boil over. Security generally won't get involved until someone is dead or until property gets damaged. Customers are too high to give a shit when fights break out outside of the Arena.

Signature drink: the Resaca. A shot of cheap tequila mixed with an unknown energy drink. Night ain't over yet, hombre. Friends of the bar know that Adderall can be mixed into the drink at no additional cost. 7 eb. a shot, 4 eb. after 3 AM.