Biotechnica Design Tower

This 26-story tower in the Golden Square Mile serves as a production center for clients of Biotechnica Design in Eastern Canada. Biotechnica Design is the branch of Biotechnica that produces solutions for high-revenue clients, selling products like designer drugs, cloned limbs and other specialized services. Arasaka security patrols the building.

Everything made by Biotechnica Design is custom-made. Clients must open accounts with the company and have DNA samples taken before being able to order products. Medication Account (opening a customer file costs 1500$), can obtain designer drugs presciptions (around 5000$) and can then order these custom-made drugs (200-300$ per dose). Well-Being accounts (opening a customer file costs 250 000$), meanwhile, can have cloned organs produced (2 000$ to 10 000$) or have a complete clone produced (5 000 000$ usually).