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Muertos Penthouse

The Muertos Penthouse is a relatively well-kept safehouse for higher ups within Los Muertos. The entryway is guarded by two Muertos and the doors are locked through an electronic card scanning system. Half of the Muertos currently in and around the Penthouse hold a keycard that can open the penthouse doors. The penthouse features a large open area living room and kitchen with large bulletproof windows (which can be darkened through a nearby wall terminal), and a few backrooms including two comfortable rooms, a bathroom and a Muertos armoury.

A Bone to Pick

The players, while in Montréal, are approached by a local fixer about dealing with a tricky situation. They will not divulge detailed information on the phone, but they do mention that the pay is good and the risks are high. Once they are face-to-face, the Fixer reveals the details: a corpo aerodyne was shot down and the VIP within was kidnapped by a local gang called Los Muertos. The corpo is Yahiro Jotaro, Director of Accounting for cyberware giant Kiroshi.

The fixer reveals that the VIP is being held in the Griffintown Complex, a megabuilding-enclosed Combat Zone. As per client information, the VIP is being held on a “penthouse” on the north-western corner of the Complex by Los Muertos. Their client is paying for the VIP to be extracted from this compromising situation and offers to pay 2,000 eurodollars per player. The client will pay the players 1,000 eb. now and a further 1000 if Jotaro is brought still alive to a predetermined drop-off site in the Golden Square Mile district of Montréal. The client wishes to remain anonymous, so the fixer will not share any further information. The Fixer warns that the mission is dangerous and that players should plan an exit strategy and perform reconnaissance, instead of “winging it.” The players need to be quick,
however, as the job is time sensitive.

The Griffintown Complex is a 6-block sized, 16 floors high unfinished megabuilding. Originally intended to be swanky new corporation offices, its construction was abandoned, resulting in tens of thousands of destitute Montréalers squatting there. The new inhabitants repurposed meeting rooms, cafeterias, and massive half-finished opulent atriums into a walled off anarchic city. Los Muertos, a Mexican ethnic community protection gang, keeps “the peace” within the Complex.

Players can easily enter the Complex unnoticed easily as long as they haven’t been blacklisted by the gangs inside. While Muertos typically stand guard at every known entryway, and some of their underling gangs maintain camera systems within the complex, the Complex welcomes basically everyone. In the Complex, players can go to Santa-Muerte Atrium, an open-air church-like area with graffiti to commemorate the dead, the Brasses atrium, a massive market where iron and chrome (mostly illegal) can be acquired or The Calaveras, a three-floor nightclub where the party and the fist fights never end.
The Muertos penthouse itself is a relatively well-kept safe house for higher ups within Los Muertos. The doors are kept locked by an electronic card scanning system. The front door of the penthouse gives on an open-air plaza with an abandoned rooftop bar and a broken infinity pool on the roof of the Complex. It is protected by two Muertos, one of which holds a keycard that can unlock the security system. When they make their way in, players will find a “repurposed-corpo” penthouse: a large open area living room and kitchen with large bulletproof windows (which can be darkened through a nearby wall terminal), and a few backrooms including two comfortable bedrooms, a bathroom and a Muertos armoury. Three other Muertos are inside the Penthouse, currently discussing in Spanish on the type of torture they want to try on the VIP next when the Padre comes back.

The VIP can be found bound to a folding chair in one of the bedrooms, with an eye as well as several fingers and fingernails missing. Yahiro Jotaro is low-energy and will be of very little help until he has received medical attention. When players secure Jotaro, they will need to escort him out of the Complex to a drop-off point.

Los Muertos will respond quickly if they are alerted to the extraction attempt. As the Complex is their turf (and is not very big, all things considered), a dozen Muertos can swarm the penthouse in minutes. If Los Muertos lose the players, dozens of them will start patrolling the area and asking the Complex inhabitants for the players locations. After half an hour, Los Muertos will use the Complex’s cameras to help in their search. If players are spotted, they will be met by a squad of 6–12 Muertos, followed by another. In other words, players need to leave, or they will be overwhelmed.

From the penthouse, the closest exit is a sky bridge on the 7th floor which connects to a nearby poor apartment complex or an exit into a parking area with a crowded homeless camp. When moving stealthily, it would take at least 15 minutes to reach both. If they run towards these exits, it instead takes 5 minutes.

Los Muertos