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Greater Griffintown

A district torn between gentrified condo towers and half-finished squalor.
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Hamish Frater

Griffintown is a historically working-class majority Irish neighborhood that was a part of the Sud-Ouest borough. During the restructuring of Montréal into districts in 2006, the new Consulate Government sectioned off Griffintown and Little Burgundy from the rest of the Sud-Ouest as a part of creating high-rent luxury neighborhoods. Massive corporations like Eurobank and Hilliard took the government funding and targeted the district with massive investments to transform the working-class neighborhood as a new neighborhood for condos and office buildings.

In 2014, Montréal went bankrupt and cut off funding to its various post-Long Crisis real estate plans. Most construction sites were left abandoned as corporations reinvested elsewhere to take advantage of the crises in Montréal. Many buildings are still left unfinished to this day, the most famous of them being the Griffintown Complex, a luxury megabuilding intended to become offices which were left to decay in 2014. Now, around 40,000 squatters call the abandoned construction their home.

The presence of the Griffintown Complex within the district leads to violence being commonplace on the streets. Some condo towers have been renovated into small cramped low-rent apartments while others attract high-end goldenkids and business magnates.

In the 2020s, Greater Griffintown (mostly called “griffintown” or even “gg”) is a tapestry of old 19th-century buildings soaked in neon and of towers of glass and luxury apartments. The district is the visual representation of “gentrification”.

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Neighborhoods in this District

Griffintown Complex
Little Burgundy
During the reopening of the Old-Port to commerce and shipping, many megacorporations implanted new facilities in the Old Montréal. To ensure employee lodgings, corporations invested in Griffintown to house their new workforce. Many housing towers were raised in Griffintown: corporate midlevel apartments and luxury condos. During the bankruptcy of Montréal in 2020, many of these real-estate projects were abandoned or shifted over to nearby Little Burgundy.

Griffintown has a Moderate Threat Rating. This neighborhood ended up as a weird mishmash of industrial era buildings, literally buried under newer office buildings, conapts and luxury condo towers. The whole thing is overly opulent for what it is, however: Griffintown lost the interest of corporations, resulting in only low-level employees lodging there. The district lives in hastily repurposed high-end apartments, cut up and renovated to house poorer employees and inhabitants.

Locations in Griffintown

The Griffintown Complex is an unfinished 16-floor tall megabuilding. In 2014, construction was abandoned, and most stakeholders washed their hands of the project. This led to tens of thousands of squatters to take over the Complex, morphing the district into an enclosed Combat Zone. The new inhabitants repurposed meeting rooms, cafeterias, and massive half-finished opulent atriums into a walled off city. Estimates say that around 30,000 squatters consider the Complex their home.

The Griffintown Complex has a Combat Zone Threat Rating. Police and Corporate Security Forces rarely dare wander in. "Peace" inside is kept by the Los Muertos gang or by their smaller underling gangs. The result is a semi-functional anarchist Combat Zone, where many illegal activities are performed openly. In the Complex, visitors can find the Santa-Muerte Atrium, an open-air church-like area with graffiti to commemorate the dead, the Brasses atrium, a massive market where iron and chrome (mostly illegal) can be acquired or The Calaveras, a three-floor nightclub where the party and the fist fights never end.

Locations in Griffintown Complex

Little Burgundy is a neighborhood mostly dedicated to housing which was integrated into Greater Griffintown and targeted with corporate real estate investments. It initially was a working-class neighborhood, but that quickly changed in the 2000s. Many of the inhabitants, who lived in public housing or low-rent apartments, were forced out when companies like Eurobank and Hilliard Corporation ordered the construction of condo towers and higher-end commercial venues. In 2014, during the bankruptcy of Montréal, most of the corporate interest in Griffintown shifted to Little Burgundy, hastening the eviction of the working-class inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Little Burgundy has a Corporate Threat Rating. Today, Little Burgundy is a more thoroughly gentrified version of Griffintown. Up high, corporate managers live in penthouses and apartments with a cute view over the Lachine Canal. Below them lies a maze of lower end corporate apartment towers and the services their almost-decent salaries can afford.

Locations in Little Burgundy

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This is a fan project for our game of the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop role-playing game. Most corporations, game rules and in-universe references are the intellectual property of R. Talsorian Games. Some graphical assets are created by Cédric Duchaineau were inspired by assets created by CD Projekt Red or R. Talsorian Games.

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This is a fan project for our game of the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop role-playing game. Most corporations, game rules and in-universe references are the intellectual property of R. Taslorian Games. Some graphical assets are created by Cédric Duchaineau and Alejandro Olivares were inspired by assets created by CD Projekt Red or R. Taslorian Games.