City Events


(1D100 + 5D10)

Random tables for Generator for Conflicts Between and Within Corporationsers

What is Happening? [1d100]
1-5Holiday parade or celebratory procession.
6-10Public or city fair with rides and public contests.
11-15Carnival or circus put on by a private entity.
16-20Concert for a rockstar or pop-star.
21-25A public race or contest of strength.
26-30Public reveal for a new public work of art.
31-35A showcase for something new that is made.
36-40An event for a massively publicized product launch/reveal.
41-45Election for an important public office.
46-50Popular debate between 2 or more major public figures.
51-55A publicized fight or combat arena event.
56-60Fundraising event for a non-profit agency.
61-65Honorary parade or party to celebrate a revered figure.
66-70Protest planned for public policy or a corporation.
71-75Public execution of a hated and/or famous criminal.
76-80Speech or public announcement by a public figure.
81-85Military demonstration or show of force.
86-90Massive police action or mass arrest.
91-95Ribbon cutting for a new major construction project.
96-100A famous pop-media star is hosting a live meet and greet.
What is Security Like at this Event? [1d10]
1Security is minimal, with some patrol officers and private security at major checkpoints.
3Moderate security, with patrolling officers, drones, and security at most entrances.
5Heavy security, with heavily armed officers, private security at every possible entrance, drones, and response teams.
7Maximum security, with heavily armed officers, heavily armed security everywhere, and Max-Tac on call.
9Hyper-max security, with heavily armed guards, combat drones, cameras, stationary turrets, and AVs at every corner.
How Long Will This Event Last? [1d10]
1No more than a single hour including set up and breakdown.
2Only 2 or 3 hours at most to include breakdown and setup.
3This event lasts 4-8 hours to accommodate loose schedules.
4This event will be between 8-12 hours or over a whole night.
5An all-day event, going between 14-24 hours.
6A multi-day event lasting 2-3 days, probably over a weekend.
7A week long event, with at least 12 hours each day.
8A week long marathon event going 24/7.
92-3 weeks going at least 12 hours each day.
10A month long event or longer, at least 12 hours each day.
How Important is This Event? [1d10]
1Relatively unimportant, no more than a few hundred people will be attending this event, small media coverage.
3Minor importance, with several thousand spectators and moderate media coverage.
5This is a big event with tens of thousands of spectators and heavy media presence.
7This event overshadows everything else going on at the time and has tens to hundreds of thousands of spectators.
9Everyone in the city will be paying attention, and every new agency will be talking about this event for months.
How is this Relevant to the PC’s? [1d10]
1Police presence in the city district increases dramatically.
2Gangs will use this event as a chance to commit violence.
3The PC’s will see or receive a job at or related to this event.
4Friends of the PC’s have strong opinions or really want to go.
5Enemies of the PC’s see an opportunity in this event.
6Travel becomes difficult due to this event.
7Hustling becomes impossible during this event.
8One of the PC’s friends or contacts is involved in the event.
9This event threatens one or more of the PC’s or their friends.
10This event is incited by the previous actions of the PC’s.

Corporate Conflicts


(1D100 + 5D10)

Random tables for Generator for Conflicts Between and Within Corporationsers

How Big is This Conflict? [1d10]
1This is a spat between individuals or teams within larger departments.
3Entire departments or subdivisions are getting involved, and a lot of money is being thrown at this.
5Multiple departments are in on this, or entire small corporations are putting most of their resources toward it.
7This involves either multiple small corporations or the entirety of a large corporation on each side.
9Many small corporations (5 or more) per side, or entire large corporations and their smaller subsidiaries and allies.
How Dangerous is this Conflict? [1d10]
1Simple boardroom conflicts to steal funding and materials.
2This has escalated to spying on and hacking the other side.
3Each side is willing to steal materials from each other.
4Everything up to and including physical sabotage of facilities
5Kidnapping, sabotage, and injury are on the table.
6They hire gangs/mercs to attack the other, death may occur.
7Hired gangs/mercs regularly attack and kill workers.
8They’re fighting a proxy gang war, with regular shootouts.
9They are using corp soldiers and targeted assassination.
10It’s almost a war. Corp soldiers executing military operations.
What is this Conflict About? What Started It? [1d100]
1-5Both sides seek to control a specific building or block.
6-10Each side is fighting over a lucrative contract.
11-15This conflict is being used to incentivize a buyout offer.
16-20This conflict began over a personal spat between leaders.
21-25Each side fights for control of a resource or supply-chain.
26-30Each side uses this conflict for publicity.
31-35This conflict is meant to force a resolution to a lawsuit.
36-40Both sides seek to control a specific trade.
41-45The leaders of each side seek the same job position.
46-50Each side fights for control of an illegal trade.
51-55The conflict is being used to test new tactics/weapons.
56-60A dangerous invention drove one or both sides to conflict.
61-65Each side is using this conflict as a way to push product.
66-70This conflict is revenge for stock manipulation.
71-75This conflict was started over a lovers quarrel.
76-80This conflict was started simply as a way to spend budgets.
81-85This conflict is revenge for a lawsuit.
86-90This conflict started over a personal insult.
91-95This conflict is over previous sabotage of operations.
96-100Each side fights for the right to acquire another company.
What’s Complicated About It? [1d10]
1The leaders of each side are secretly collaborating.
2The media is contracted to spin this as normal.
3There are more than 2 sides to this conflict.
4The police have been paid to stay out of it.
5Both sides are attempting to keep it secret from everyone.
6Powerful shadow interests are keeping this going.
7The purpose of this conflict has changed over time.
8Governments are supporting one or both sides.
9This conflict spans more than a single city/region.
10The leaders of one/both side(s) have changed since the start.
How is this Relevant to the PC’s? [1d10]
1This conflict makes travel difficult.
2This conflict threatens the PC’s safety directly.
3An ally or friend of the PC’s has a stake in this conflict.
4An enemy of the PC’s has a stake in this conflict.
5There is a lucrative job opportunity because of this conflict.
6This conflict will threaten a friend/contact of the PC’s.
7Hustling is impossible for one or more PC’s because of this.
8Their current/next job will put them in the middle of it.
9This conflict presents an opportunity to gain reputation.
10This conflict directly relates to one or more PC’s past.

Gang Wars


(1D100 + 5D10)

Random tables for Conflicts Between Gangs and Gang Members

How Big is This Conflict? [1d10]
1This is only a few members within a gang or between gangs, no more than 3-8 people per side.
3Entire crews are getting involved, between 10-20 people per side and spanning multiple blocks within a district.
5Multiple crews are getting involved, totaling 30-80 people per side and spanning entire neighborhoods.
7Entire large gangs or multiple smaller gangs are going at it, probably 100-300 per side spanning multiple neighborhoods.
9The conflict engulfs a whole district, hundreds to 1000 per side, multiple gangs or entire huge gangs per side.
How Dangerous is this Conflict? [1d10]
1Purely economical, hitting trucks, shipments, goods, etc.
2Targeted sabotage with an intention to kill select people.
3No shootouts, but they’ll bomb a place without discretion.
4Purely hit-and-run, drive-bys, and assassinations.
5Attacks that rarely turn into shootouts and end quickly.
6They openly engage in shootouts, but leave pretty fast.
7Full gang war, shootouts with no regard for civilian death.
8Full gang war, and they’ll even shoot at the cops.
9Heavy gang war, using terrorist tactics causing mass death.
10Either side will cross any line to gain victory, no holds barred.
What is this Conflict About? What Started It? [1d100]
1-5This is retaliation for a grave insult.
6-10One group is imposing on the others turf.
11-15This is for control of an illegal trade.
16-20This started as a preemptive attack by one side.
21-25A personal spat over a loved one opened up further.
26-30It started as revenge for the death of another member.
31-35This is purely to boost the reputation of those involved.
36-40The first attack was purely for fun but it got out of control.
41-45This war is for control of a block or two of turf.
46-50An insane leader forced this war to happen.
51-55A corp promised a reward to one or both gangs.
56-60One side stole something valuable from the other.
61-65This stems from a cultural conflict between ethnic groups.
66-70One side unearthed a rare find that the other wants.
71-75This conflict expanded from a random street fight.
76-80One side saw an opportunity to eliminate a rival.
81-85One side wishes to commit ethnic cleansing on the other.
86-90One side is scapegoating the other for some other wrong
91-95This has been coming for a while due to many reasons.
96-100One or both sides see the other side as truly evil.
What’s Complicated About It? [1d10]
1A powerful corp or megacorp is supplying one or both sides.
2The police are letting this continue on purpose.
3These gangs have access to weapons of mass destruction.
4The media has turned this gang war into a spectacle.
5The gangs are protected by local sympathetic civilians.
6Another gang is keeping the war going for their benefit.
7Political forces are conspiring to keep the war going.
8The police have issues quarantines to contain the war.
9The reason for the war has shifted since it started.
10There are actually 3 or more sides to this conflict.
How is this Relevant to the PC’s? [1d10]
1This conflict makes travel difficult.
2This conflict threatens the PC’s safety directly.
3An ally or friend of the PC’s has a stake in this conflict.
4An enemy of the PC’s has a stake in this conflict.
5There is a lucrative job opportunity because of this conflict.
6This conflict will threaten a friend/contact of the PC’s.
7Hustling is impossible for one or more PC’s because of this.
8Their current/next job will put them in the middle of it.
9This conflict presents an opportunity to gain reputation.
10This conflict directly relates to one or more PC’s past.

What’s The Project?



Random tables for generating Projects for Execs and Corporate Employees

1Head development of a new product.
2Ease tensions between employees.
3Rescue someone from a gang.
4Prevent a brewing internal conflict.
5Convince a patent holder to sell.
6Steal patent from patent holder.
7Find out who screwed up a project.
8Sabotage a deal between other corps.
9Engineer a deal between other corps.
10Successfully deliver a political bribe.
11Get someone out of jail.
12Build new facility or operation.
13Sabotage release of a rival product.
14Make edits to a law being passed.
15Deal with possible internal complaint.
16Find the spy in another project.
17Find something personal for boss.
18Infiltrate an employee movement.
19Ensure a new political bill fails.
20Sabotage a political campaign.
21Investigate dip in sales volume.
22Salvage a bad PR situation.
23Cause a stock bump for corp.
24Cause a stock drop for rivals.
25Kill another employee at the corp.
26Prevent an imminent attack.
27Transport a valuable item.
28Find dirt on bosses personal rival.
29Sabotage municipal system.
30Create a shell company discreetly.
31Create/deliver fake ID documents.
32Cause a gang war.
33Salvage overbudget project.
34Punish a meddlesome street gang.
35Punish a thieving employee.
36Deal with bosses personal problem.
37Test a new product in a laboratory.
38Thoroughly inspect a corporate site.
39Ensure a site inspection succeeds.
40Steal data from a rival network.
41Investigate stock manipulation.
42Fake the death of someone specific.
43Create material stockpile.
44Destroy material stockpile discreetly.
45Test a new product on the street.
46Deal with troublesome netrunners.
47Sabotage rivals facility/operation.
48Dispatch a mouthy former employee.
49Collect bio-samples from someone.
50Secretly siphon funds from a project.
51Investigate suspect employee.
52Investigate suspect sub-contractor.
53Increase sales of a product.
54Dispose of a mess from a superior.
55Ensure a specific lawsuit fails.
56Ensure a specific lawsuit succeeds.
57Steal official records and change them.
58Launder illegal funds.
59Secretly release confidential data.
60Avoid catastrophic failure with public.
61Deal with meddlesome media.
62Manufacture a media scandal.
63Pick sides in interdepartmental war.
64Reclaim stolen documents.
65Reclaim stolen prototype/product.
66Facilitate defection from rival corp.
67Acquire rights to property/land.
68Do project for other friendly corp.
69Silence family of dead employee.
70Meet secretly with important person.
71Acquire materials from far away.
72Distract media from something else.
73Acquire resources for another project.
74Ensure successful new product launch.
75Capitalize on PR opportunity.
76Locate a person of interest.
77Locate an escaped former employee.
78Ensure an event ends in catastrophe.
79Head-hunt a rivals employee.
80Remove a rising media star.
81Hide bad test results for new product.
82Control a rising media star.
83Find a person with specific skills.
84Salvage bungled military operation.
85Dispose of deadly or hazardous waste.
86Destroy a specific gang.
87Steal designs for rival product.
88Get a law passed or repealed.
89Ensure another project succeeds.
90Destroy a target building somehow.
91Remove vagrants or undesirables.
92Decipher a cryptic message.
93Find new source of corp soldiers.
94Deal with meddlesome cops.
95Deal with merc who knows too much.
96Prevent defection to rival corp.
97Pin a crime on someone else.
98Set up special black site.
99Remove trace of a former black site.
100Roll twice on this list to combine as a single project, or make up something very strange and elaborate...or sinister.

What’s This Person's Job?



Random tables for generating Random Jobs for People Outside the Office

3Construction Worker or Foreman
4Sewage Plant Technician
5Shipping Associate
8Stage Performer
9Home Caregiver
10Public Attorney
12Agricultural Worker
13Car Washer
16Corporate Soldier
17Cryotank Operator/Technician
18Electrician/Electrical Installer
19Truck Driver
20Security Guard
21Taxi Driver
23Industrial Mechanic
24Movie/Media Actor
25Heavy Machine Driver
26Radio DJ
27Crane Operator
28Bank Teller
31Sales Associate
32Studio Technician
33Forklift Driver
34Butler/Personal Servant
39Aerospace or Mechanical Engineer
40Road Worker
43Sewer Worker
44Hazmat Team
45Subway Construction
46Product Assembler
48Train Conductor
49Train Mechanic
50Elevator Installer/Repair
51Field Inspector
52Window Washer
53Food Stand Operator
54Chef/Executive Chef
55Cook/Line Cook
56Site Supervisor
57Product Technician
58Commercial Diver
59HVAC Technician/Installer
60Police Officer
61Police Investigator/Detective
62Max-Tac Officer
63Police Dispatcher
64News Reporter/Anchor
66Vendit Technician/Installer
69Property Inspector/Assessor
71Net Technician
73Power Plant Operator/Technician
74Civil Engineer or Architect
77Nurse or Medical Assistant
79EMT Dispatcher
80Netwatch Scout/Netrunner
81AV Operator/Pilot
82Helicopter Pilot
83Real Estate Agent
84Boat Pilot
85Interior Decorator
86AV/Helicopter Mechanic
87Neon Sign Fabricator
88Drone Operator
89Drone Technician
90Chemical Disposal Tech
91Cleanup Crew
93Animal Handler/Animal Control
94Phone Operator
96Trash Dump Personnel
97Trash Truck Driver
98Bomb Disposal Technician
99Salon Worker
100Either roll twice on this list and apply them to the same person, or make up something exceedingly strange or unique.

What’s in this Vendit?


(1D10 + 1D100)

Random tables for generating Expanded Vendit Inventories

RollFood (1d10: 1-4)
1-3Ramen Noodles
4-6Liquid Candy Snack
7-9Shrink Wrapped Hamburger
10-12Slightly Stale Bread
13-15Microwave Pizza
16-18“Beef” Jerky
19-21Can of Soda or Sports Drinks
22-24Rosewater Gummy Candies
25-27Bag of Snack Cookies
28-30Bottle of Synth-Milk
31-33Pressure Wrapped Sushi
34-36Fresh Smelling Baked Pretzel
37-39Nuts and Chocolate Candy Bar
40-42Dried Fruit Chips
43-45Fruit/Cereal Snack Bar
46-48Microwave Buttered Popcorn
49-51Cakes or Cupcakes
52-54Spicy Meat Products
55-57Canned Beer
58-60Single Serving Cereal Box
61-631kg Bag of Kibble
64-66Hard Boiled Eggs
67-69Nuts and Fruit Energy Bar
70-72Can of Spray Cheese
73-75Takoyaki or Kebabs
76-78Can of Cold Brew Coffee
79-81Flavored Potato Chips
82-84Pizza Rolls
85-87Bag of Trail Mix
88-90Faux Lobster or Caviar
91-93Can of Juice
94-96Bottle of Water
97-99Tub of Kimchi
100Real Meat Jerky
RollPersonal (1d10: 5-8)
1-3Folded Pants or Skirts
4-6Braindance Chips
7-9Bottles of Cleaning Solution
10-12Canned T-Shirts
13-15Drugs (10eb and Below)
19-21Disposable Rain Coats
22-24Sex Toys or Personal Lubricant
25-27Personal Carepaks
28-30Gas Mask Filter Refills
34-36Ties or Bowties
37-39Fireworks or Other Pyrotechnics
40-42Shotgun Shells
43-45OTC Medication
46-48Surgical Masks
49-51Pregnancy Tests
52-54Grenades or Rockets
55-57Light and Medium Knife Weapons
58-60Cigarettes or Cigars
61-63Floral Arrangements
64-66Disposable Cell Phones
67-69Water Purification Tablets
70-72Canister of Air Freshener
73-75Pistol Caliber Ammunition
76-78Various Electronics Parts
79-81Unwritten Data Chips
82-84Medium and Heavy Pistols
88-90Rifle Caliber Ammunition
91-93Video Games
94-96Condoms and Dental Dams
97-99Whistles and Noise Makers
100Special Ammunition (Choose)
RollWeird (1d10: 9-10)
1-3Pet Wigs
4-6Big Red Boxing Gloves
7-9Bags of Finger Puppets
10-12Cans of Steel Ball Bearings
13-15Lifelike Marionettes
16-18Balls of Lettuce
19-21Signed Celebrity Photos
22-24Porcelain Animal Figurines
25-27Vat-Grown Seafood
28-30Bottle of Synthetic Animal Urine
31-33Sacks of Animal Feed
34-36Live Rhinoceros Beetles
37-39Spy Cameras
40-42Glitter Bombs
43-45Flying Fish Soup
46-48Printed Religious Hymnals
49-51Canned Smells
52-54Suicide Pills or Capsules
55-57Miniature Bicycles
58-60Bug Snacks
61-63Cold/Flu Vaccines
64-66Human Bones
67-69Mismatched Shoes
70-72Bizarre Capsule Toys
73-75Strangely Flavored Soda (i.e. Pizza)
76-78Paper Cosplay Costumes
82-84Used Underwear
85-87Foldable Podiums
88-90Live Crabs
94-96Blowup Sex Dolls
97-99Caricature Celebrity Masks
100Vials of Poison

What’s This Person's Corporate Job?



Random tables for generating Random Job Titles for Corporate Offices

1Business Director/Executive
2Asset Management
3Asset Acquisition Specialist
4Production Management
5Production Engineer
6Product Developer/Designer
7Product Test Personnel
8Product Development Manager
9Shift Coordinator
10Executive Accountant
11Revenue Management Specialist
12Revenue Forecaster
13Director of Technology
14Primary Purchaser
15Global Communications Coordinator
16Publication Manager
17Publications Artist
18Research & Development Specialist
19Research & Development Manager
20Tax Management Officer
21Director of Finance
22Director of Operations
23Security Specialist
24Security Supervisor/Manager
25Brand Manager
26Layout Designer
27Director of Outreach
28Purchasing Coordinator
29Subsidiary Manager
30Legal Counsel/Lawyer
31Legal Liability Management
32Military Operations Specialist
33Military Resources Specialist
34Portfolio Management
35Director of Support/Service
36Human Resources Agent
37Human Resources Director
38Customer Relations Specialist
39Customer Relations Management
40Business Relations Specialist
41Business Relations Manager
42Project Coordinator/Manager
43Personal Assistant
44Executive Assistant
45Event Coordinator
46Accounting Management
47Accounts Payable Clerk
48Accounts Receivable Clerk
49Technical Communicator/Writer
50Technical Documentation Manager
51Interdepartmental Communicator
52IT Specialist
53IT Management
54Internal Network Administrator
55Database Administrator
56Covert Operations Agent
57Covert Operations Director
58Market Forecaster
59Creative Consultant
60Creative Director
61Implementation Specialist
62Labor Relations Management
63Labor Relations Specialist
64Application Engineer
66Recruitment Manager
67Legacy Product Support Specialist
68Legacy Services Support Specialist
69Community Outreach Specialist
70Community Manager
71Content Strategist
72Product Integration Engineer
73Security Netrunner
75Product Service/Support Specialist
76Service/Support Manager
77Marketing Coordinator
78Sales Agent
79Sales Coordinator/Manager
80Director of Research/Development
81Solutions Director
82Automation Specialist
83Internal Investigator
84Internal Investigations Supervisor
85Warehouse Coordinator
86Warehouse Manager/Supervisor
87Area Administrator
88Community Programming Manager
89Internal Programming Manager
90Resource Allocation Specialist
91Resource Allocation Management
92Market Analyst
93Investment Analyst
94Automation Coordinator
95Records Manager
96Receiving Manager
97Shipping Manager
98Benefits Management Specialist
99Governmental Outreach Manager
100Roll twice on this table. This person has two roles or two jobs. Perhaps create an amalgam of these two jobs.

What’s in Their Pockets?



Random tables for generating Things to Find While Looting Bodies

1A Small Hand Towel
2Money (2d10eb)
3Miscellaneous Electronics Parts
4Recent 10eb Bodega Receipt
5Pair of Scissors or Shears
6Small Bottle of Cleaning Solution
7A Personal Care Pack
8Small Foldable Shovel
9A Single, Specific Hand Tool
10Old Rusty Lighter
11Bottle of Toxic Chemicals
12Pair of Socks
13Bottle From a Fad Water Bottle Brand
14Small Scrimshaw or Wood Carving
1510 Rounds of Special Pistol Ammo
16Loaded Microscope Slide
17CO2 or O2 Gas Canister
18A Crime Scene Evidence Bag
19A Rag Soaked in a Strange Liquid
20False ID and Associated Papers
21Security Clearance Identification
22Pouch of Salt or Spices
23An Agent or Cell Phone
24Flask of Alcohol
25Rusty Nails and Scrap Metal
26Micro-Video Camera
27Micro Emergency Survival Kit
28A Ring With Strange Symbology
29Generic Prepak Food
30Full Face BDSM Mask
31An Empty Air-Hypo
32Audio Recording Device
33Money (2d10+2eb)
34A Smoking Pipe
35Vial of Poison or Biotoxin
36A Pristine Lockpicking Set
37Cryopump Recharge
38Work Pass or Key Card
39A Pair of Gambling Dice
40A Fresh Human Organ
41A Small Waterproof Bag
42Personal Music Player
43Breath Mints or Chewing Gum
44Small Amount of Medical Supplies
45Nice Prepak Food
46A Multi-Tool or Techtool
47Crushed or Cracked Human Skull
48Pair of Glasses or Goggles
49Pair of Binoculars
50A Pack of Batteries
51A Single Grenade of Any Type
52Disposable Cell Phone
53A Pair of Jumper Cables
54Money (3d10+3eb)
55A Printed Pop-Media Magazine
56A Single Dose of Any Drug
57Pamphlet of Religious Hymns
58A Small or Medium Melee Weapon
59Pack of Cigarettes or Cigars
60A Bottle of Soda or Juice
61Bloody Photo of Someone Else
62A Piece of Fresh Fruit
63A Large Shopping List
64Gas Mask or Mask Filter Recharge
65A Single Metal Spoon or Fork
66Crumpled Old Screamsheet
67Bag of Ash From a Fire
68Locked Personal Jewelry Box
69Small Pack of OTC Medication
70Money (2d10+8eb)
71Condom and Personal Lubricant
72Pocket Lint
73A Note With Addresses On It
74Pack of Playing Cards
75Kibble Pack
76A Flashlight
77A Personal Photo Collection
78A Used Pregnancy Test
79A Suicide Pill or Vial
80Small Brass or Silver Bell
81Set of Steel Handcuffs
82Pouch Filled with Tobacco
83A Single Food Stick
84Small Handheld Radio Communicator
85A Used Syringe
86A Vial of Blessed or Holy Water
87Bottle of Glue or Roll of Tape
88Personal Sex Toy
89A Hand or Pocket-Mirror
90A Toy or Handheld Game
9110 Rounds of Special Rifle Ammo
92Can of Spray Paint
93Piece of Bloody Garrote Wire
94Popular Action Figure or Figurine
95A Written Data Chip
96Handmade Fireworks
97Money (4d10eb)
98A Single Road Flare
99Bomb with Dead Man Switch...shit...
100Pick one of the following:
Roll Twice on the List, Pick from this List, Something Rare and Useful.

What’s in The Box?



Random tables for generating Things to Find in Warehouses, Ships, Trucks, and Cargo Containers

1Various Hand Tools
2Assorted Plastic Toys
3Glow Sticks
4Coils of Synthetic Rope
5High-Strength Chain Coils
6Plastic Molding Pellets
7Clothes (Generic)
8Cheap or Fake Jewelry
9Bags, Backpacks, and Carryalls
10Roll of Kevlar Fabric
11Packages of Pens and Pencils
13Blowtorch Fuel Canisters
14Water or Soda Bottles
15Thousands of Ball Bearings
16Bulk Circuit Boards
17A Bunch of Complete Junk
18Kibble Packs
19Special Ammo (100eb and Below)
20Light Melee Weapons
21Various Camping Equipment
22Rifle Caliber Ammunition
23Laptop Computers
24High Strength Nails
25Frozen Synth-Meat Products
26Random Gun Components
27Chunks of Metal Ore
28Gas Masks
29Steel or Aluminum Ingots
30Chemical Supplies and Equipment
31Clothes (Rags or Gang Colors)
32Surgical Prosthetic Limbs
33A Vehicle Engine or Transmission
34Clothes (Leisure)
35Bulk Paper of Various Types
36Various Computer Components
37Kevlar Vests and Hats
38Bulk Medical Supplies
39Drugs (20eb and Below)
40Medium Melee Weapons
41Drills and Drill Bits
42Bottles of Beer or Spirits
43Steel or Aluminum Rods
44Submachine Guns
45MRE’s of All Flavors
46Exotic Weapons (500eb and Below)
47Disposable Cell Phones
48Coils of Electronic Cords
49Machine or Motor Oil Bottles
50Clothes (Nomad or Bohemian)
51Coils of Fiber Ropes
52Hot/Cold Compress Packs
53Ingots of Strong Alloys
54Bulk Scrap Metal
55Cyberware (100eb and Below)
56Good Prepak Food
58Food Sticks
59Barrels of Petroleum Fuel
60Hand Held Fire Extinguishers
61Freeze Preserved Organs
62Packaged Bulk Candy
63Weapons Attachments
64Packaged Medical Supplies
65Clothes (Urban Flash)
66Hazardous Industrial Chemicals
67Personal Care Packs
68Clothes (Businesswear)
70Lamps or Lighting Fixtures
71Books or Reading Devices
72Flares and/or Road Flares
73Unwritten Data Chips
74Tape and Other Adhesives
75Sacks of Dry Grains
76Assault Rifles or Shotguns
77Bulk Scrap Metal
78Leather Armor Vests and Caps
79Clothes (Asia Pop)
80Small and Large Flashlights
81Unwritten Braindance Chips
82Biological Waste Barrels
83Empty Airhypos
84Pressurized CHOOH2 Canisters
85Ingots of Precious Metals
86Consumer Battery Packs
87Broken Televisions
88Electronic Sensor Modules
89Drugs (50eb and Above)
90Heavy Melee Weapons
91Jewelry or Gemstones
92Clothes (High Fashion)
93Bulk Salt or Spices
94Pistol Caliber Ammunition
95Dried or Cured Meats/Carcasses
96Fresh Fruit or Vegetables
97Unprogrammed Agents
98Special Ammo (500eb and Below)
99Cyberware (500eb and Below)
100Pick one of the following:
Roll Twice on the List, Pick from this List, Something Rare and Useful.

What’s in This Office?



Random tables for generating Things to Find in a Corporate Office and Computer Systems

1A trap or a zip bomb to crash a deck.
2A personal agent.
3A braindance viewer and BD chip.
4A heavy weapon stripped down.
5A new cyberlimb, still packaged.
6A taxidermy animal figure.
7A suicide note half-finished.
8A horse saddle displayed on the wall.
9A bag of fresh coffee beans.
10Money: 1d6x20eb
11Incriminating financial documents.
12Keys to an industrial machine.
13An animal head trophy display.
14The keys to a personal vehicle.
15A ready installed cryotank.
16Suspicious envelope of money.
17Reservations at a restaurant/venue.
18An old netrunning chair.
19A restricted elevator access pass.
20A security console or access point.
21An open police investigation file.
22A cypher key of some kind.
23A large spool of electrical cabling.
24A studio quality recording setup.
252 doses of a street drug.
26A chest freezer with organs inside.
27An enormous ornate hat.
28Drafting table and Surface Plate.
29A small caged animal.
30A case of special ammo (500eb. or less)
31A large model train set.
32A military command center.
33Charges from a prostitute/brothel.
34An encrypted data chip.
35A melee weapon (Heavy and below)
36Box of fresh loose-leaf tea.
37A ceremonial or ornate blade.
38A closet filled with business wear.
39A framed Eurodollar bill.
40A map/layout of the building.
41Money: 1d6x40eb
42An unreasonable amount of staplers.
43Display case containing jewelry.
44A prototype of experimental tech.
45An entire pallet of bottled water.
46A pistol (any kind) with full magazine.
47A detailed assassination plan.
48A clean hazmat suit.
49Legal filings or legal paperwork.
50Calling card of a known gang.
51A small cube of valuable minerals.
52A rolled up map of the building.
53An award statue or plaque.
54A trapdoor to a hidden crawlspace.
55A pass to open a security door.
56Cyberware (500eb or lower)
57An Old NET access point or server.
58Unregistered patent drawings.
59Money: 1d6x60eb
60Someone hiding in a cabinet.
61A large 3D printer station.
62A bronze bust of a historical figure.
63A brief of a planned military operation.
64A collection of wigs and masks.
65A medallion with a strange symbol.
66A pen made of precious metals.
67A framed printed stock certificate.
68An office size photocopier/printer.
69A bag of high end designer drugs.
70A fully wooden grandfather clock.
71Money: 1d6x80eb
72Handwritten note from a loved one.
73Several cans of disinfectant spray.
74A model of a small figurine.
75A weapon or the location thereof.
76Golf bag filled with various clubs.
77A bowl of fresh fruit.
78A personal journal of the office holder.
79A diploma or certification.
80Personal integrated stereo system.
81A posed human skeleton.
82Pornographic Magazines
83A recent travel or log or travel plans.
84A stack of metal folding chairs.
85A piece of new designer fashion.
86A full dialysis machine setup.
87A locked thick steel safe.
88An empty, man-sized steel cage.
89Invoice from recent contractor work.
90A rifle with full magazine.
91A hidden stairwell or elevator.
92A display of multiple instruments.
93A deactivated humanoid drone.
94A scale model of another facility.
95A wallet with identification.
96Status reports from a secret project.
97A life-size marble sculpture.
98Money: 1d6x100eb
99An exotic weapon (1000eb or less)
100There is something extremely lucky or useful for the player, or perhaps let them decide what they find in the office.