Santa-Muerte Atrium

One of the three open-air atriums of the Griffintown Complex, the Santa-Muerte Atrium is a Muertos controlled place of worship within the Complex. The atrium is dominated by massive graffiti of the Santa-Muerte and other important community members who helped out the community of the Complex. The atrium is filled with pictures of the dead and is often candlelit at night.

The ground floor has a dedicated pew were an invited catholic priest performs the sunday service. People often lean on the ledges to listen to the service, as the ground floor does not have enough room. Using a powerful speaker system, the priest can perform the service to believers on all sixteen floors.

A few years ago, the Muertos built a makeshift roof over the atrium and had it walled off: while other atriums flood when the rain pours from the open roofs, the Santa-Muerte remains (mostly) dry.

Here you might meet Stephen, dying from a preventable disease, Joanne, hugging a hoodie while remembering her dead boyfriend and Michel, the catholic priest hearing a confession from a repentant murderer.

Tia Zoë

An ex-edgerunner young latina woman with a chromed purple cyberarm. Her other arm is adorned with a huge tattoo of a sugar skull. Wears streetwear fasion, often tank tops and olive cargo pants. Smokes real cigarettes whenever possible.

She is the fixer edgerunners have to talk to when they want to interface with Muertos resources. Dismissive with outsiders, runners have to prove themselves before she actually hears them out.

Padre Ángel Estrada

A mexican man in his fifties with coifed salt and pepper hair. Often wears nondescript buttoned-up shirts and a white cowboy hat. Never seen without his massive Pre-Collapse pistol: a white handcannon with engraved flowers. Half his face was horribly burned during the Muertos Riots. He chose to preserve some of the scars as a reminder of what his Muertos stand to lose if they fail to stick together.

Always threateningly calm, the Padre of Los Muertos garners respect by listening to his community… and by ordering violence against those that would threaten it.