El Contador

"The Counter" (full name "El contador de calaveras") is the shop where made Muertos find the parts they need to maintain and upgrade their calavera, the neon sugar skull mask they wear as part of their gang colors.

It feels more like a dive bar, with the old latin music blaring, the movie posters, and the pool tables. The "contador" is a large stainless steel workstation with at least a dozen stools around it. Electronic components like chips, batteries and holographic projectors are scattered everywhere, often accompanied by cheap beer bottles someone hasn't thrown away

This location is not open to outsiders, unless invited.

If you go there you might meet "Ojorojo", a stressed-out Muertos helping out Diego, a hunk of meat and metal who does not understand anything the little guy is saying, Elena and Golden, playing a game of pool with beers in hand and Diez, quietly changing the lights on his calavera.


A handsome, young american man whose right arm is tattooed pitch black with a light tattoo of glowing bones. Wears black leathers and a golden cross earring. Never seen without his trusty Militech Ronin. Trying really hard to lose the gringo accent.

A newcomer to the city, Flores was saved by Los Muertos. He has since dedicated his life to the gang. Friendly, chatty and quick-witted. He knows his way around the gang and is sure to get his calavera soon.

Tia Zoƫ

An ex-edgerunner young latina woman with a chromed purple cyberarm. Her other arm is adorned with a huge tattoo of a sugar skull. Wears streetwear fasion, often tank tops and olive cargo pants. Smokes real cigarettes whenever possible.

She is the fixer edgerunners have to talk to when they want to interface with Muertos resources. Dismissive with outsiders, runners have to prove themselves before she actually hears them out.